Organizer since 1988 for Clients or as Owner.

Examples of owned Events: Finance Run, Sky Radio Run, het Lieverdjes Toernooi, etc…

Examples of Events for Clients:  Unity Walk, European Freestyle Football Championship, ProRail Run, etc…

Objectives are translating Strategic decisions to Tactical & Operational aspects of Events. By developing the right Content & Experience, Organizing and using Media & PR in an Effective & Efficient way, to come to the objected result via Events.

A few examples:



The Finance Run is thé sporting network event of the Financial Industry and is held every year on the 1st Friday in September in The AmsterdamseBos @ de Bosbaan. Our Charity is the LEF Foundation. Responsibility : owner

The After Movie FR18





Event Organizer of the Unity Walk Amsterdam, from Thorbeckeplein to Beursplein (City Center Amsterdam). A walk with patients and people involved with Parkinson’s, to address Parkinson’s disease for the Dutch Public & Government.
Responsible for: Event Organization, Consulting on Positioning & PR (by PR Garage, Anja van Ginhoven). Assigned by the Parkinson Vereniging (NL) & EPDA (European Parkinson’s Disease Association). Years: 2012, 2013 & 2014

The After Movie Unity Walk 2012





In cooperation with the Free Style Football Association we organised the European Free Style Football Championship. About 200 European Free Style Football Athletes boys & girls came to Amsterdam trying to become European Champion, or meet up with each other and learn and develop their skills. August 2015, Marie Heinekenplein.

Responsability: Organizer, Promotor, Manger Media & PR (by PR Garage, Anja van Ginhoven)

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