I can be a Consultant to the board or be deployed as an EP (Executive Producer) or Event- or Project-Manager, with a broad knowledge of Positioning, Concepting, Marketing, Communication, Organization, Sales and Planning & Service.

Furthermore I’m experienced in practical Event execution and have a great source of applicable knowledge regarding the following areas: Finances, Tax, Legal & Administration.

My strength lies within interpreting Strategic decisions and transforming them into the Tactical & Operational execution of the Event.

Some Consultancy Projects


Valamar MICE Consultancy Porec

Paul Stiekema the former MD of the Heineken Music Hall, in the world renowned for the best acoustics, and I were asked to advise the Valamar Hotel Chain on there 300 keys 5***** deluxe currently being build MICE Hotel in Porec. We gave our Concepting advice based on our experience on what to expect and to do, from Sales to Operation, from planning ahead and finding the right partners, to hands-on later…  We also had a great brainstorm session with the management of all different disciplines & specialities within the Valamar Corporation, but also involved the operation staff. Paul & I didn’t lecture what to do, but gave the tools to make the right decisions. We are looking forward to the next steps…


Corendon Events

As the MICE Consultant I function as the outsourced MICE Manager at Corendon Events. I’m active as Ambassador & PR, Marketing & Sales, Planning. I was also Operational Advisor to the staff at: Production, Organisation & Service.




International Choir Competition Maastricht / InterKultur

February 7 till 11 2019 INTERKULTUR organised their International Choir Competition in Maastricht using several locations as the MECC and the beautiful St Janskerk.

In total over 700 people competed: 28 Choirs from 7 countries (China, Finland, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, South Korea, Russia) participated, in 11 Categories.

We were the catalyser between the locale CVB, the event finder LaiWah Chow and the organizer INTERKULTUR to make this International Choir Competition take place in Maastricht.



Consultant to the Board of the RAI / Thuisvak Oranje

As a Consultant I made that the RAI profited optimal at the aspects of Marketing/Communication/PR of the partnership with Heineken, KNVB, Staatsloterij, Radio 538, etc. around this Oranje Supporters Events.

A Dutch Telegraaf Report



Afsluitdijk Open

Consultant and one of the initiators

The iconic Afsluitdijk (one of the longest dams in the world, 32,8k) would be closed for a few thousand runners, who would have run towards sunrise at the break of dawn of September 4th, 2016.
The Afsluitdijk Open was a bucket-list event, not to be missed for any experienced runner… too bad that due to terrible weather conditions the Afsluitdijk Open was postponed and later on canceled.