IDEA (1995 – 2001)

Founder and first Chairman at DMSA OEO, which later became IDEA (Independent Dutch Eventmarketing Organisations)

IDEA underlines the power of live and represents more than 60 professional and independent live communication and event marketing agencies in the Netherlands. The members of IDEA give shape and content to meetings between brand or organization and its target groups. They offer clients from strategy and concept development to the production of events and campaigns that include events. The IDEA membership stands for creativity, craftsmanship and financial stability.

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EventPlatform (1998 till 2003)

Founder and first Chairman of the Event Platform, where all associations met that are active in: Events, Entertainment, TradeShows, Conventions, Incentives, Hospitality (MICE)

Mission Statement
The aim of the EventPlatform Netherlands is to ensure that the members are optimally attuned to the points of view of the affiliated members and, if necessary, to promote these joint standpoints towards the government, the event sector and socially relevant groups.

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President of SITE NL (November 2011 till 31dec12)

Site is a global network of professionals in the meeting & events sector, focused on the organization of incentive trips with the aim of optimizing company results for clients. Motivational experiences are strong tools to reward groups and / or individuals and thereby achieve business objectives. The highest level of work is achieved by individuals and teams who are highly motivated.

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Proefdiervrij (DsRAT) (Oct 2012 – Dec2016)

DsRAT (Dutch Society for the Replacement of Animal Testing) fully commits itself to a future without animal testing. With the knowledge that more and more techniques are becoming available that replace animal testing, we wholeheartedly work to make this future a reality. Animal free testing techniques exist and more are being developed. DsRAT supports scientists, entrepreneurs and the government in the development of these new techniques by providing education, engage in collaborations and initiate discussions about animal free solutions. Because it’s possible.

The goal of the Dutch Society for the Replacement of Animal Testing (dsRAT, or in Dutch Stichting Proefdiervrij) is to replace animal experiments. To achieve this goal we stimulate the development of animal free research through positive collaboration with i.e. scientists, politicians and society. By working together we can develop animal free methods that not only replace lab animals, but will also have scientific advantages. Animal free research is truly a win-win situation.
In the areas of science and technology rapid developments are currently taking place that can replace animals in research. We therefore believe that now is the time to make a difference! Since 1982 we’ve seen a significant decrease in the number of lab animals used, but in the last decade this decline has stagnated. At the same time, newly developed technologies give us a strong tool to create better models than the animal models that are currently being used.

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